Introducing Unidos, a mobile app for the next generation of American voters.
Every year 800-thousand Latinos in the U.S. turn 18 – voting age. Young Latinos, including many first-time voters, could play a major role in this year’s election, helping to decide who is elected president and how the U.S. treats immigrant families. 
We created the Unidos mobile app so that young Latinos have a place to find and share information about registering, voting and the issues and candidates in the presidential campaign.  
We’re changing our name.  The VOTO2016 project is now Unidos.
Unidos because first-time voters want a place where they can learn about the issues and the candidates together, and share that information through social media.
Unidos because Latino millennials say they feel connected to members of their generation from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. 
Unidos because working together young Latinos can make their voices heard on Election Day.

Latino millennials have the power to help shape America's future by voting in national, state and local elections. But many young Latinos don't vote. That's where UNIDOS comes in. 


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Photography provided by Rachael Bongiorno